Ant Control

"An easily applied granular bait formulation for use outdoors for the effective control of ants, including the Brown House Ant and Black Sugar Ant."

Directions for use

The active ingredient in Nip-it produces a delayed reaction in order to have the bait distributed throughout and consumed by the whole ant colony, therefore eradicating the total nest, including the queen. Nest or foraging activity will reduce within 2 days, with total eradication within 7 days provided sufficient and correct baiting was employed. For effective application Nip-it should not be combined with other insecticides, especially contact depending sprays or powders, since these will negatively impact on the irresistible formula and control strategy of the product. Nip-it bait is not to be handled by hand, nor is the area to be treated.

Ant Nests:

Sprinkle approximately 30g (approximately 2 table spoons) of the bait around the nest at a radius of not less than 10cm. Do not apply the bait directly on to the nest, as this might agitate the ants and prevent their feeding on the bait.

Foraging Ants:

Sprinkle approximately 30g of the bait onto or next to (proposed) the path followed if the nest location cannot be identified. Ants may not always immediately be attracted to the bait due to several possible reasons, i.e. carrying larvae, nest building or the like. The bait will, however, still be effective in that the ants will collect and carry it into the nest for feeding once the primary activity has been concluded. Foraging ants mark the trail to food deposits for others of their colony to follow – it is therefore advised not to disturb the normal route followed by ants, but rather sprinkle the bait adjacent to such an area or path, since traffic to the bait will be higher after initial detection.